1/2 Marathon Must Haves! My Top Ten List

Currently I am training for my second 1/2 marathon.  I am excited to say that I will be running in the Baltimore Running Festival again this year.  As I have said before, my life as a runner has literally come full circle in just one year.  When I look back to last year, I relied on Matt and Pink Runner to keep me in check.  They pretty much told me how long to run, and how I would run.  While I miss training with both of them this time around, I have gained much more confidence and just have to chuckle to myself when I look back to last year.  With that being said, I would like to share some of my favorite running gear.

  • If I am running alone I must have my iPod Nano.  It’s an old Nano, but it works splendidly!

iPod Nano circa 2007

  • I love, love, love my Garmin.  Did I mention I love my Garmin?  The model I have is the Garmin 405.  At first I was really concerned that it would rub my wrist or just be too bulky, but it is truly perfect.  Garmin is unveiling a new model and it is sweet!  It is much smaller, comes is awesome colors, and you can’t beat the price point.  Check out the new Garmin Forerunner 10 and other models at the Garmin webstie.

Got Get a Garmin!

Garmin 405

  • Training in the hot weather and high humidity calls for lightweight running attire.  While I paid more for my Saucony tank top than what I wanted to, it was well worth it. Pair it with my favorite running skirt from Reebok and I am ready to go!

Saucony Tank Top and Reebok Running Skirt

  • Now let’s talk about running shoes.  Yes, running shoes do make a difference.  I am a huge advocate of getting your feet properly fitted and wearing the correct shoes.  My running shoe of choice is the Mizuno Wave Inspire 7.  I wore this model to train for my full marathon in the spring and I had absolutely no injuries.  I was a happy camper…runner I mean (I abhor camping!).

Ugh…those laces, but they were on sale. My hubby told me they look like Pittsburg Steelers laces. That’s a problem because we bleed purple & black at our house!

  • For my long runs I need to carry water with me.  This is a continual problem for me because I haven’t found a water bottle that I enjoy carrying.  Currently, I am using an eco-friendly water bottle.  It actually holds 10 oz. of water and when it is empty, it is completely flat.  I don’t adore it yet, but I don’t loathe it either.

Ecooasis Water Bottle

  • Not only do I need water for my long runs, but I also need snacks and a place to carry my snacks.  I use a SPI Belt to carry my goodies and SHOT BLOKS are my fuel of choice.  The shot bloks seem to work well for me and not make me sick.  I know that they can play havoc on digestive system of some people.  And, let me tell you, I have seen first-handed what can happen if the shot bloks don’t agree with your tummy.  🙂

SPI Belt

Shot Bloks-Black Cherry Flavor

  • After my run I like to cool down and wipe all that grimy sweat off of me with my Frogg Toggs Chilly Cooling Towel.  This thing is marvelous, magnificent, and superb!

Frogg Toggs Chilly Towel…pure happiness!

  • And last but not least, after my run I need to reward my legs with some sexy compression socks!  I know you are jealous, but Pink Runner said they are the best.  Where do you get these sexy socks?  Why, Wal-mart, of course.

Sexy Socks from Wal-Mart

There you have it!  My top-ten must haves for my 1/2 marathon training!  What are some of your marathon must haves?

Enjoy your weekend and

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