Turkey Trottin’


Another Thanksgiving, another Turkey Trot!

Slowly getting back into a running routine.

The weather was beyond cold and windy,

I didn’t want to trot; I wanted to stay in my cozy bed.

Excuses, excuses, excuses, they weren’t being accepted,

So off we went.

Matt, Amy, & Maddie bundled up and ready to run, ready to race!

Trot we did, regret we did not.

It was a great race; it is a great family tradition!

Turkey Trot 2013

*Ha, ha…they have my age group wrong – really, really wrong! I came in 14th out of 256 runners for my age group, 40-44.   🙂

A Race Day, A Family Day, A Shopping Day

The air was crisp and the sun was shining.

It was a beautiful morning!

A great day for a race, a great day to be thankful.

We woke up early.

We Matt popped the turkey in the oven.

We hurried downtown…Turkey Trot here we come!

We anxiously stood at the starting line with 4,000+ runners.

We rocked the race with two new 5k PRs.

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We rushed home.

We  Matt prepared the meal.

We gobbled till we wobbled.

We reminisced, we laughed, we rested.

We went shopping at midnight.

We snuggled in our beds.

We gave thanks for all we have and all we have accomplished.

Happy Thanksgiving!