Warm-hearted Wednesday

Just looking around my classroom my heart is filled. Filled with warmness. It’s decorated with art work from when my daughter attended school here. That seems so long ago now. But her artwork is here. Still here. I love when my students ask me¬†who drew the picture of the Cat in the Hat and who made the book mobile. My answer is simple. My daughter did. I immediately get a “wow” when I tell them she was their age when she created these masterpieces. Yes, it warms my heart.


Then there are the love notes that my students make for me. Just for me. These are some of the surprise and delights that make my day. Sometimes they show up where I least expect them and other times they are hand delivered by a student wearing a big smile on their face. I keep them posted on my “warm fuzzy” board and when I need a pick me up, I read them. They instantly bring a smile to my face, warm my heart, and remind me of the innocence of a child.

Who doesn’t love thank you notes written by your own personal fan club? These were secretly passed under my door after World Read Aloud Day in February. Yes, I’m a sucker for the artwork. But the messages! Well, they are priceless. They too stay out for those days when I doubt myself, wondering if I am doing enough to instill the love of reading in these young readers of mine. Quickly reminiscing through them reminds me that I’ve made a difference and it warms my heart.

And, last but not least is the section of my “warm-fuzzy” board that has the thank you notes from my friends and colleagues. To me, a hand-written thank you says a million words, for I know that something I did warmed someone else’s heart.


My Wednesday wish for you is that you take a moment to look around and notice what warms your heart or perhaps you take the time to warm the heart of another.

Happy Warm-hearted Wednesday!


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