My Wish

A quiet, calm, tranquil Tuesday.

Windows are open,

the air is cool,

the humidity has been erased.

Fresh air,

it brings a sense of serenity

over me as the breeze gently glides

through the room.

Birds are chirping,

cicadas begin their chorus.

The wind chime sings a gentle song,

it begs me to sit here all day!

The rustling of the willow tree,

going back and forth,

back and forth,

reminding me I don’t have to go far,

to find peace,

to find relaxation.

Rays of sunlight stretch out to reach my journal,

my writing space.

Only to smile up at me,

and put me mind at ease.

Oh how I wish,

I wish,

everyday would commence

like this.



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18 thoughts on “My Wish

  1. Amy, I rejoice with you in the break of oppressive weather! Love your images: the wind chime, the willow tree… I feel as though I’m there with you.

  2. The setting sounds so serene. I’ve tried to institute a habit of porch-sitting after work during the school year, as my days begin far too early to do so during those months. I wish I could do my job and still have the time to sit on my porch at dawn! Thanks for sharing this gentle Slice.

  3. Your slice has me remembering what a gorgeous, glorious day Sunday was. I remember waking up and feeling the cool breeze and relief from the oppressive heat from last week. I enjoyed my coffee on the porch, gently rocking and listening to the dawn chorus and our Bar Harbor buoy wind chime. Thank you for taking me back to one of summer’s happiest memories.

  4. Jack and I enjoyed a cool breeze on our morning walk. It was delightful. I love the way you pulled us right onto your porch with your vivid descriptions. And my favorite – the cicada songs!

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