If It’s June…

If it’s June that means….

a time to enjoy the beautiful, blooming peonies and their scent that fills the air. An ounce of splendor both inside and outside my home.


perfect peonies

If it’s June that means…
a time to enjoy fresh, local produce. Strawberries to be savored and raspberries you can’t resist!

summer strawberries

It it’s June that means…

a time to read, read, read! Just a few books to kick off my summer reading list. What’s on your summer reading list?


best books

If it’s June that means…

a time to cheer on my favorite IRONMAN triathlete. 70.3 miles of swimming, biking, and running along the scenic landscape of the eastern shore in Cambridge, Maryland.

triathlon training

If it’s June that means…
a time to get my exercise regiment back into full swing. May just seemed to slip away. Maybe I needed the break, but now I will except no excuses!

believe, achieve

If it’s June, what does that mean for you?


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11 thoughts on “If It’s June…

  1. June, I LOVE you! I am enjoying the varieties of June as I travel this summer and will be escaping the relentless heat of June in Malaysia to see more variety in Germany and the US. I really want berries now!

  2. Lovely poem. The peonies and strawberries are such simple things, but really do make June such a sweet month. Right now, June feels pretty hectic for me. Just over two weeks left of school and the last week of June will mean reading on the beach.

  3. Love your piece, Amy, because it’s a feel-good piece and a great read with the photos and the effective repetition – love the scaffold! You are going to love all those book picks – but I’d love to hear your thoughts about Circus Mirandus by Cassie Beasley – I was so captivated by this book from beginning to end. I must plant peonies to bloom next year! I was at Rose’s house yesterday, and she had cut peonies everywhere in her home and blooming outside. They are beautifully beautiful! Thanks for a wonderful morning read!

  4. June – filled with exciting possibilities. Sounds like your month is filled with exciting plans. Enjoy the busy times (exercising) as well as the quiet times (reading).

  5. Peony time-yours are lovely. I am showcasing mine also today. Like-minded folks are inspired by the same visuals. Keep up your exercise routine. It is impressive doing what you do.

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