A Magical Tasting of Books

There were books!

There were raffle prizes.

There were more books!

There was white & grape sparkling juice cocktail served in champaign flutes.

There were more books!

There were macaroons, brownies, and crepe cookies sprinkled on silver platters.

And there were more books!

Yes, there was magic in the air! It was a Book Tasting hosted in the Literacy Lovers’ Lounge by two book enthusiasts ready to share their love of books with their colleagues.


Your hostesses: Amy & Katie

Two weeks before the Christmas break began Katie & I hosted a book tasting for the fellow book lovers at our school.


The book tasting was a huge success and the buzz of books was eve-ry-where. So perhaps you’re wondering what a book tasting is or how you can host one in your school. Well, read on to see how it unfolded.

Katie and I first decided which books and which categories/genres we wanted to highlight for our tasting. Boy was that difficult! There were so many books. We kept adding books to our list and kept adding books to our list! We came up with the six genres we wanted to share: realistic fiction, fantasy, non-fiction, poetry, picture books, and professional books.

Then we made “library cards” for each book (cute and fun). The library cards were talking points and highlights of the fantastic features of the book. We attached curling ribbon and added them to the book in a bookmark-like fashion. And, of course, we added the books to a Padlet so teachers could reference them after the tasting.


displaying the books

We invited the teachers to join us and for anyone who RSVP’d we sent them a free downloadable resource on how to host a Book Swap before the Christmas break. This was a great way to make sure everyone had a book to read over the break.

On event day, we set up a raffle table and handed out raffle tickets to teachers who showed up, wrote a book recommendation, and visited both rooms of the “literacy lovers’ lounge”. The raffle items were everything from a reading survival kit (fuzzy blanket, cozy socks, and a box of tea bags) to picture books to chapter books. Who could resist such wonderful prizes!


drop your raffle ticket here

And, of course, we weren’t just tasting books! We had small treats sprinkled here and there to enjoy while book browsing.


macaroons, brownies, and crepe cookies

But the best part of all…

the book platters!


realistic fiction


poetry/books in verse

Last but not least, our book friends arrived and Katie and I talked, chatted, shared, and babbled about the books we had selected.

The atmosphere was magical!

We shared some of our favorite books and teachers were “eating them up”!

It was a magnificent morning sharing our book love.

But the magic didn’t stop that morning. The excitement continued as teachers in our building hosted their very own Book Tasting with their readers. I was honored to attend and talk about books with a group of 5th grade readers.

And that my fellow readers is what it is all about…

You can find magic wherever you look.  Sit back and relax all you need is a book!”

~Dr. Seuss


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5 thoughts on “A Magical Tasting of Books

  1. Love, love, love this! What a wonderful idea, Amy! Your enthusiasm bubbles through every word and I so wish I could have participated in this event with you! A magical book tasting guaranteed to send everyone off on break with all things bookish in mind! Well done!

  2. Fun, fun, fun!!! I think that many teachers don’t know about the latest and greatest books because it’s something that slips off their plate in the day to day business of teaching. This book tasting is a fun way to build excitement and joy around reading and books. LOVE IT!!! (and going to steal it too!)

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