What’s Good Wednesday

Dear Miss Cutie,

A brilliant shade of orange,

I seek you out in the grocery store.

You are petite, refreshing, and oh-so-sweet.

Sometimes I find you tucked away

in my lunch bag

with a smile on your face,

knowing the happiness you bring.

So easy to peel

for fingers big or small.

Your tiny little wedges

plop right in my mouth.

Your juices whet my whistle.

No mess,

no fuss.

Thanks for being a perfect snack,

and a healthy treat,

a delight to everyone you meet.






Today’s poem is called an epistolary poem. Epistolary means written as friendly letter. Ode to my mentor text The Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary for a plethora of ideas!



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12 thoughts on “What’s Good Wednesday

  1. Another winner, Amy! I’ve been really enjoying “Cuties” this year, but never thought of writing them a note. I suspect a few people will be using your slice as an inspiring mentor text!

  2. Perfect poem from a cutie to a cutie! My favorite line: “Your juices whet my whistle.” And now i simply must go back to sleep since I’m subbing today.

  3. I love little darlings – as you call them, little cuties! I do not know the mentor text, but I think I must have it. Your poem in letter format is a wonderful idea. Certainly, I am hungry for a sweet, little orange right now. Your description awakened my senses – I can even smell ORANGE! “Your tiny little wedges plop right into my mouth!” I love that line – what a great word, wedge. I never thought about it before. Anyway, I love your poem! Thank you, Amy, for the poem, mentor text, and the picture of oranges nestled in a bowl with the oh-so-cute stickers!

  4. Darling Clementines are my favorite brand. They are so sweet and easy to peel, as you say. My littlest grandchild can eat an entire bag if we let him. And why not? Lots of vitamin C. I love your descriptions, especially the smiling face in your lunchbag!

  5. Definitely a spot of sweet mouth-watering sunshine. Peeling them, at least for me, always leaves a citrusy smell that lingers underneath the fingernails.

  6. I love The Last Fifth Grade for many reasons, especially the many poem formats that are explained and offered to try. I also love the little darlings. Your poem was so descriptive! Now I’m hungry!

  7. Just yesterday I was savoring a couple of delicious, juicy Cuties in the teacher’s room during my lunch break. We were commiserating that mandarins/clementines are either delicious or bone dry and terrible. We all agreed we have the best luck with Cuties. How can you not smile when your treat is called Cutie? 🙂

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