Just Because


Showing I care, it can be a challenge for me at times. The words are there, on the tip of my tongue – words that parade caring, concern, or sympathy. But somehow I’m not able to articulate them, fear perhaps? I don’t know what to say or what to do, especially if I hope to send some cheer and uplift someone’s spirits. I want to express that I care, just because.

Then there are times when I simply wish to celebrate – a special friendship. It’s not a birthday. It’s not a holiday. It’s merely sprinkling around some kindness, just because.

So I sit down with my journal in tow, and to my amazement my writing, my words they parade across the page.

I smile when I see you
just because…
I keep you in my thoughts
just because…
I tell you I’m hear to listen
just because…
I give you a hug
just because…
I offer you some chocolate,
just because…
I wrote you this poem,
just because
I don’t have the words
to let you know
how much I care.

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14 thoughts on “Just Because

  1. Wonderful, Amy! I also find it easier to write about my feelings than to speak them. I’m sure whoever received this poem (and the chocolates!) was delighted and touched. So glad to see you back here today!

  2. I love how your writing came through for you when the spoken words didn’t. That is the power of writing! You are a good friend to whomever was lucky enough to receive your poem, Amy!

  3. Your poem today is very meaningful in relation to the post I wrote today about a dear friend who is suffering. Finding the right way to show him we cared took some time, but we managed to visit him as a family to show him how much we cared. Nice poem.

  4. A beautiful poem today, Amy! I loved the effective repetition, the simplicity, the sincerity, the rhythm and flow of your words. Writing is a most precious gift to give to someone to show you care. Beautiful!

  5. I feel like that too, Amy. Because we sometimes feel that we don’t have the “right” words, we write nothing at all. Often, when I’m writing poems for my grandchildren, I hit a dead end–what can I say? What will I write? Somehow the words come, if we are patient and if we don’t become our worst critics “Just because.”

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