This & That

March was the month of
all on the BLOG!

Then it came to a sudden halt, STOP! And April arrived.

No longer am I wondering what do I write. No longer I am wondering which rough draft do I dust off. No longer am I wondering what post to publish. No longer am I frequenting my favorite blogs or discovering new ones. What to do with my time, what to do! Then I realized I missed a little of this and a little of that!

I missed this One Line a Day journal.


In theory, I am to add one little line a day in the journal over a period of five years. In March, did this happen? Not so much. My line a day turned into 15 lines on one day to make up for the deficit. ~sigh!

I missed these training journals.


This cute little Fit Happens journal is where I jot down what I eat and how my regiment of cross training is going. So, how’s that working for me? It’s not. I’ve been eating way more junk than I should and my cross training has drifted away. On a good note, I have been tracking my training runs in this Believe Training Journal, but I haven’t been filling in any of the other areas of the journal. ~sigh!

I missed this catch-all journal, my personal journal.


During March I only used this journal for planning blog posts for the Slice of Life Story Challenge. It was a dumping zone of randomness that captured my ideas for the blog. I’m ready to resurrect this journal and get back into my daily writing and doodling.

I missed that reading I would do at the end of the day.


Two books have been somewhat patiently waiting for me. One Amazing Elephant has been quietly slumbering on my night stand while The Sun Is Also a Star was summoned back to the public library. I’m happy to report that the latter is back in my hands.

April is here and I’m finding a new balance. I’m learning, however, this is how we roll in life. A little of this, a little of that, and everything in between.



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13 thoughts on “This & That

  1. This is where I get frustrated with only having 24 hours in the day — I want to do so much, but can’t. The words you wrote today are the exact reason why I had to drop out of the SOL challenge — I needed to do more of “that” than “this” and I couldn’t keep up. Sigh….

    I have the same one line a day journal. I have made that the top priority in my morning. I have to write my line before I can check email. I’m on year #2 in the journal and I love looking back to what I was doing a year ago so that keeps me going.

    Keep that balance, friend! You’re doing great!!

  2. When I retired, I often wondered how it was that I had time to work for 30+ years! You’re right, Amy, there is always much to do, intellectually, spiritually, and physically. You seem to have found a balance that suits you. “Finding time” is a gift that keeps on giving, as they say. Happy Tuesday!

  3. I loved this post – kept me thinking the entire time! Now I have ideas for some different kinds of journals and two more books to add to my to-be-read pile! Thanks for the photos, too. I love the idea of finding a new balance – Amy, you are on to something here!

  4. So many journals, so little time. I buy journals everywhere I go. I always have big plans for my writing life, but, as you capture so well in this post, this gets in the way of that. My life is a constant attempt to find balance. This week I’m on vacation, and the balance is going pretty well. Next week, probably not!

  5. I enjoyed your reflection, Amy, and I imagine you’re grateful to return to what you’ve missed, but March was a different kind of fun, too. Now I’m into Aoril & a poem each day. I think I will enjoy it, but enjoy May too & a break!

  6. Sometimes that balance is hard to find and it takes a while until we get back into the swing of things. I think many of us put a lot of things on hold during the March challenge and then try to figure out how to get back to normal, whatever that is , when the month is over.

  7. What a reassuring slice. We can’t do it all, but can do some. Enjoyed readinng it. Some of the experiences we also endured through March. Interesting note about the one line a day notebook. I am interested to find out how that works.

  8. Loved seeing all your journals, Amy. I think it’s so typical that we want to try everything. It’s that FOMO syndrome (fear of missing out). But we have to try to find the balance, the give and take, the this and that, to keep life interesting.

  9. April is such a let down after the March challenge. There is so much of “this” that I should be doing and “that” that I shouldn’t be doing. I am still struggling to find that balance!

  10. The funny thing is that as much of a slog as the SOLC was, I missed it on Saturday morning! 🙂 Go figure! I, too, was a mixed bag of missing posting, missing commenting, jumping for joy it was through, pondering my next move, etc… But now that a week has passed, all is right with the world again. And I even introduced writing notebooks to my K writers, because my writing notebook got me through March. So I guess what I’m trying to say, Amy, is that you are in good company!

  11. Oh, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who begins journals and then somewhere along the way days, a month, or more has slipped away since my last entry… 😦 I loved your line, “The Sun Is Also a Star was summoned back to the public library.” I had a vision of a librarian from my childhood scolding me for some books returned late.

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