A Little Spine Poetry for Book Lovers


bounding down the hall

following the yellow brick roads

off to room 230 they travel.

yes, it was time

for reading in the wild

bringing words to life, 

because, well, word nerds they are

stepping into the reading zone.

no teaching reading in small groups today

working independently they would

notice & note,

use strategies that work,

and their notebook know how.

sharing their love of reading and books

certainly it is true

book whisperers they are.




April is National Poetry Month!

Please check out the hashtag #digipoetry on Twitter

to find more poems written by fellow bloggers.


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21 thoughts on “A Little Spine Poetry for Book Lovers

  1. So fun!!!
    I’m doing a Poetry PD on May 1st and I plan to share your poem!! Know you will be inspiring teachers in D.C.! And I guess to be a good presenter, I should give this a try…what will the spines create for me? And of course, I’ll have my 5th graders give it a try!! You have started something!! Thanks

  2. What a great poem! I think spine poetry can be difficult. It looks easy but actually takes a lot of thought. And I like the way you added to the titles to create your thoughts. Very inspiring!

  3. You’ve got me looking around for my own “spine poem!” And I see a couple books in yours I probably should read. Donalyn Miller is one of my favorites. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Hope you shared this with your book whisperers in room 230! So many titles I love in your poem, with only three I don’t know. I love your variation on spine poetry. I’m sure you’ll be seeing it around the blogosphere!

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