Meet Yoshi!

Adorable, spunky, jovial, and amusing-Meet Yoshi!

Yoshi is a Lionhead rabbit and what I refer to as a foster failure! Yes, a foster failure. You see, I started volunteering at the SPCA after we adopted our Jersey Wooly rabbit, Buddy. Of course, people ask if it is difficult to volunteer there.  Asking questions like:

don’t you want to take all of them home?


don’t you feel sad when you visit?


doesn’t it break your heart when you leave?

Honestly, yes there are emotions associated with volunteering at the SPCA but the animals there are very well cared for, sometimes better than their previous home. I also tell myself that I’ll shower them with all the love I can for the time I’m there.  They’re always happy to see me, wondering if I brought them a treat! Of course, I have treats for them when I arrive and when I leave.


October 31, 2015: I volunteered at the shelter and that’s when I spied that little Lionhead, snapped a picture of him, and sent it to my daughter.  Right away she said,

Bring him home now!!!!!

A few days later…

I tried to forget all about Yoshi! But then I received a call from the SPCA,

We have too many Guinea pigs, can you foster a Guinea pig?


Since we have too many rabbits, would you be interested in fostering Yoshi?

Oh, Yoshi-that little Lionhead! I tried to forget about him!

Yes! I’ll be a foster mom for Yoshi! How could I not be?

It was November 6th when that little Lionhead entered our home. And, while he stayed I reminded myself:

Yoshi is just visiting.

Yoshi is not yours.

You don’t have time to care for another rabbit!

Someone else would be happy to give Yoshi a home.


Would they love Yoshi as much as I do?

Would they feed him his favorite salads and treats everyday?

Would they get him out to play everyday?

PROBABLY NOT, at least that’s what I told myself!

By November 28, Yoshi was ours. His Gotcha Day, my forever foster failure!

Meet Yoshi-adorable, spunky, jovial, and amusing!



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21 thoughts on “Meet Yoshi!

  1. What a coincidence! My son has a lionhead rabbit named Oshie (after TJ Oshie the hockey player). I had to read your post when I saw the name Yoshi. Your rabbit is beautiful! I enjoy slicing about our pets as well.

  2. That little fellow is too cute!!! My sister is a wildlife rescue volunteer in her town. She is always surprising us with the furry guests at her house. It takes a big heart to open your home to a needy creature.

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