Meet Buddy!

I had fun playing with personification as I wrote this poem about Buddy, our Jersey Wooly rabbit that we adopted from the SPCA.


here I lay,

just a Bud on a bed.

I know, I know,

I look cute,

and actually I am very cute,


I can be quite mischievous!

don’t buy me any of those


fancy toys,

the ones from

the pet store.

I rather eat your woodwork,

chew on the carpet,


I’ll even snack on the drywall!

And you,

yes you,

will love me anyway!



Just a Bud on a Bed


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7 thoughts on “Meet Buddy!

  1. This is incredibly sweet and so true! We shouldn’t waste our money on toys from the store. They’d rather find their own ways to have fun! BTW, I am a librarian of grades 4 and 5 so we can exchange good reads for our middle grade kids!

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