Today I Lied

You cannot stop the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can stop them from nesting in your hair. ~Eva Ibbotson

You know what I do? I think and scan ahead. I’m a planner. I think ahead about my days, about my weeks. I like to be prepared, not thrown off guard. And, that’s when I saw it. I saw it on the calendar. That day, that day we call an ACT 80 day. That day when the students leave at 12:30 and us teachers have a meeting in the afternoon. You know it’s the meeting we use to always attend together, save seats for each other, sit beside each other. The meetings that we would laugh and create our own silliness or the meetings where we would roll our eyes and then rant and rave later.

~But this one would be different.~

You would not be here. So I lied. I lied to myself and I told myself you called in sick that day. I decided I just needed to show up. I just needed to brave, be bold. And you know what?  That lie, that little lie, well it worked. I showed up and made it through the afternoon.

~Today I lied, and that’s okay.~



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