Forever Treasure

Forever Treasure

forever treasure 3

My photo and poem, Forever Treasure, was inspired by the purple iris perennials in my yard that were gifted to me in 2014 from a friend who has now passed away.  As you can tell, the purple iris and the peonies in the background will always be a reminder to me of our friendship and his love of gardening in the spring.

Thank you Carol at Beyond Literacy for inviting me to add to the Spring’s Seeds Gallery.


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6 thoughts on “Forever Treasure

  1. Awww….so true! I have peonies from my grandfather’s yard that bloom every year. He’s been gone 14 years now, but I still think of him every spring when I see their beautiful blooms.


  2. What a beautiful way to keep a memory blooming. We brought a branch of pussy willow from our old house and it is now a 10′ tall bush. It brings happy memories of living in Pottsville every time we look at it.

  3. These treasures are so valuable. I had some of these. My mother gave me a magnolia tree and every time I looked out my kitchen window and saw it there, I thought of her. Alas we moved last fall. What I miss most is all these green memories.

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