a little bit of serendipity!

Serendipity, such a fun word if I don’t say so myself!

Such a fun word that I think I need to say it again,


and again,


and again,


School began three weeks ago and while some people were feeling the serendipity, others perhaps not so much.  Me, well, I was somewhere in the middle. I guess you could say I was betwixt and between.

Then the students arrived with new backpacks, new sneakers, new outfits, and all smiles! ~serendipity!

Then the readers entered my newly redecorated room and they noticed the big and not so big changes. And they said, “Mrs. Warntz, our room looks awesome!” ~serendipity!

Then they started to browse the bookshelves and ask,

“Can I borrow this book?”

“Can I place this book in my book bin?”

“Oh, I read this book, it’s a great one!”

~serendipity, serendipity, serendipity!

Then it was time for independent reading, sitting in a comfy chair and choosing that just right stuffed animal to read along with them. ~serendipity!

And the excitement was building when it was time to add our book recommendations to our “LOVE THAT BOOK” wall. ~serendipity!



And last but not least, we’ll end it with the message board that reminds us we all can use a little bit of…




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22 thoughts on “a little bit of serendipity!

  1. Amy, you got me thinking about that lovely word and I found this eclectic definition in “The Urban Dictionary”: Serendipity – A very good coincidence, often leading to something really awesome.
    [http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=serendipity serendipity.]
    Your good organisation and thoughtful displays created the positive responses and I can just feel the excitement you’ve created!

  2. This wasn’t just a case of serendipity, but the careful plotting of a teacher to bring joy into each child’s reading life. What joy exudes in the words and photos!

  3. Your unquenchable thirst for words, your elation and energy — that combination must make for a lively, inviting classroom, Amy, as the photographic evidence shows. Thanks for sharing this Tuesday-morning spark.

  4. I just retired so this is my first year of NOT being a reading specialist. You’re room looks so inviting and I your post brought me back to special times and the fun of getting kids excited about reading. Have a great year!

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